On 1 June 1980, Politehnica Timișoara won its second and – so far – its last trophy. Romanian Cup.

In the final played at the 23 August stadium in Bucharest, Poli defeated Steaua 2-1 after extra time.

That year, Poli would only finish 10th in Division A. Some time ago, Steaua had crushed Poli in the championship, 7-1!

The Ghencea Reds had a classy team, which lost the title on aggregate to Craiova, who would become Maxima. The team coached by “Professor” Constantin was playing with stars such as Sameș, Vigu, Tudorel Stoica, Liță Dumitru, Puiu Iordănescu, Marcel Răducanu. Gold like the Turks!

At Poli, Jackie Ionescu was in charge of the technical team, and they were on the pitch: Suciu – Nadu, Șerbănoiu, Păltinișanu, Vișan – Manea, Dembroschi, T. Nicolae (Nucă) – Anghel, Nedelcu II (O. Roșca), Cotec.

Steaua opened the scoring, through T. Stoica, the future captain of Stele who will be one of the great European teams of the second half of the next decade. Then Adi Manea challenges Răducanu, he “takes” the bait and Rainea takes him out. In 10, Steaua will lose ground. A few minutes before halftime, Vio Vișan catches a shot and equalizes. No goals in the second half, going into overtime.

Imi Dembroschi’s corner, Dan Paltinisanu’s header, 2-1 and the Cup goes to Timisoara…

Politehnica Timișoara – Steaua București 2-1 (1-1, 1-1)
Romanian Cup 1979/80 (final), 1.06.1980, 16:30, Bucharest, 23 August stadium, 40.000 spectators.
They scored: V. Vișan (43), Păltinișanu (96) – T. Stoica (25).
Referee: N. Rainea (Bârlad).
Sent off: M. Răducanu (28).
Politehnica: R. Suciu – Nadu, Șerbănoiu, Păltinișanu, V. Vișan – Ad. Manea, Dembroschi, Titi Nicolae (61, Nucă) – St. Anghel, Nedelcu II (91, O. Roșca), Cotec. Coach: Ion V. Ionescu.
Steaua: V. Iordache – Anghelini, Sameș, Fl. Marin, Vigu – T. Stoica (75, I. Nițu), I. Dumitru, A. Iordănescu (65, Zahiu I) – M. Răducanu, Ad. Ionescu, Aelenei. Coach: Gheorghe Constantin.