LitVest, 10th edition. One of Europe’s most creative and important literary festivals is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Organised by the Timis County Library “Sorin Titel”, LitVest started in 2012 with a torchlight reading. The festival’s conceptual calendar includes initiatives such as Lecturi aprinse (readings in unusual sources of light), Text concerto (concerts “short-circuited” by literary interventions), The Riveter (the first issue of a British literary magazine devoted entirely to Romanian literature) ETC – capital letters are de rigueur.

LitVest 2021 will take place in the framework of the Christmas Park, organised at the Banat Village Museum by the Timis County Council, in collaboration with the cultural institutions under its auspices.



TUESDAY, 21 DECEMBER, 7 p.m. – BEHIND THE RINSES, ON THE POLI, stage in front of the main stage. A review of the press… historical – defining moments in the history of Politehnica Timișoara as read by the Timisoara Druckeria.

WEDNESDAY, 22 DECEMBER, 7 pm, OPEN READINGS, stage in front of the main stage. Readings in motorcycle headlights, in collaboration with Timișoara Bikers, under the title RESPECT ’89. HEROES NEVER DIE!



During the event on December 21st at the Village Museum of Banat – Christmas Park, we present you the following historical data from the 100 years of Politehnist football:

– Founding in 1921, founding fathers Traian Lalescu, Victor Vlad

– Coach Toni Carnelli – volunteer coach of Politehnica (1920s)

– The story of Rudolf Burger – Poli’s first professional coach

– First promotion to Division A – 1948 – we will have some very interesting stories on this subject


– 1950s – Ciosescu goal scorer, Știința Timișoara wins the first Romanian Cup (1958)

– 60s – the return to the name Politehnica Timișoara and the change to purple

– Inauguration of 1 May (Dan Paltinisanu) – 1963

– Beginnings of the rivalry with Aradul

– Promotion in 1973 – match with the highest attendance (FC Bihor, almost 60,000 spectators)

– End of the 70s – debut in the European Cups

– Second Romanian Cup – 1980

– 1980s – Cup finals, European Cup appearances

– 1987 match – Poli vs Dinamo 2-1, landmark match

– 1992 final + matches against Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid

– First phoenix – Poli AEK

– European Cup matches from 2007 – 2010

– Second phoenix + current period – ASU Politehnica Timișoara


Persons who will address each topic

Nicolae Secoșan – journalist and sports commentator
Dănuț Păltinișanu – son of the legendary Dan Păltinișanu
Goran Mrakic – supporter and writer
Florin Mihoc – journalist
Florin Drăgan – UPT rector
Octavian Stăncioiu – journalist and spokesman of our club

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