Politehnica was eliminated by CSM Reșița from the 3rd round of the Romanian Cup, after 0-2 (0-2) today in Valea Domanului. The hosts’ goals were scored by Cornel Ardei and Nicușor Fota in the first half.

With many changes, our team couldn’t find their rhythm in the first half and conceded early goals. Cornel Ardei was able to shoot into the goal from the small box following a corner in the 3rd minute. The first notable reply of the white-violet came in the 21st minute, when Milea’s shot from inside the box was deflected for a corner. Five minutes later Black replied with a shot across goal. Then Fota (38th minute) increased Reșița’s advantage with a low shot from outside the box near Isvoranu’s right post.

No less than four changes were made in the Polytechnic camp before the start of the second half. The first 15-20 minutes of the second half also brought many chances for Pană and company, but not the goal. In the 54th minute Bîrnoi shot just wide of Zimmermann’s right bar. A minute later Ignea hit the crossbar from in front of the goal. And six minutes later Silviu Pană sent into the goalkeeper’s right-hand bar, close to the corner. The guests came closer to Isvoranu’s goal only with free-kicks from distance, preferring to keep the result. The final score remained the one recorded since half-time and the white-violet left the Romanian Cup this season after only one match.

CSM Reșița (coach Călin Cheregi): Zimmermann (captain) – Szijj (69, Bărboianu), Ardei, Rimovecz, Fota – I. Popescu, Breșneni – Curescu (46, Chera), Drăghiceanu (69, S. Velcotă), Negru – Gakou (69, Avramovici). On the bench: Căpățână – Bala, Erhard, Domil, R. Petre.

POLITEHNICA (coach Bogdan Andone): Isvoranu – Jurj (46, Oanea), Germinio, Bocșan (captain), D. Radu – M. Andone (46, Pană), Tsvetkov, Ignea (69, Țangulea) – Bryneus (46, Boariu), Țurcaș, Milea (46, Bîrnoi). On the bench: Murariu – A. Mada, Pureca, Plantak.

Our team’s next game will be away against FC Unirea Dej, on Saturday, at 11.00, in the 7th round of League 2.

“Unfortunately we lost the Cup match, we wanted to qualify, we went 0-1 down again and again after a corner. When we prepare these phases, we give man-to-man marking, just to have more responsibility, it’s incredible in my opinion. Again, the first corner, like in Galati, from the same side, same marking, same man lost. It’s absolutely unbelievable to start, I think, the third game, from 0-1. Then we tried to get back into the game, to create situations. Unfortunately the second half we had two bars, empty goal misses, three-four chances, Bîrnoi shots, either pushed away by the opponent’s goalkeeper or wide. We didn’t have a chance to get back into the game. It was the 54th minute when Alin missed, which was practically an empty net, we scored then and had very good chances to push the game into extra time or even win, because the home team slowly slowed down. Probably physically. Then Silviu Pană’s bar in the 60th minute, there were still 30 minutes left in the game in which we could have equalised. It wasn’t to be, again and bad luck and indecision in front of goal at times from certain players. It’s clear that from this point of view, in front of the goal, according to my colleague, even with an empty goal we never manage to score, it means that we never score”, said Bogdan Andone, head coach of Politehnica.

“It’s the first team I’ve ever had this happen to (n.r. such a long series without a goal scored). A series of games without a goal scored, but a series of games where we miss a lot of situations or bad luck in some games, last time there were two balls knocked off the goal line by the opponent, if we had scored surely the team would have broken free… had a different morale, a different confidence. And we practically start games from 0-1 or at the first situation we get a goal, it’s an incredible situation for me too. I’m thinking day and night, I’m trying to find solutions, I’ve also discussed with the players – the team captains, what system would suit them, to get feedback from them too, unfortunately we still haven’t found the key to scoring”, added Andone.

On the discussions with the supporters: “Simply the same questions, with the lack of goals, they also want more action, more shots on goal. Unfortunately, even the ones we create we don’t finish, that’s the big problem. I thanked them for making the trip, for being with the team and I asked them to continue to be with the team, no matter what, because Poli represents Timisoara, represents Banat, and now, when it’s a very, very difficult time for the team, perhaps the most difficult in recent years, they are needed. Without their support and without unity, it will be very difficult to get out of the situation the team is in at the moment. I still believe and trust that together, the supporters, the people in the management and the sponsors who should be with the team, things can be done and we can get on a normal track and the team can get into a climb that is needed. And the first step is in Dej… I lost another game, but once again I say, I came for a project, I was called for something, I left other things and other discussions to come and try to do a job at Poli. Together let’s do things well. We’ll get to a situation where things will be better. I’m convinced of this and even if we’re going through a difficult period, I trust in the team that they can play the right way, to make the results we want.”