We are a supporters group which supports Politehnica Timişoara soccer club from Romania. We initiated this process as 6 years ago. Based on the fact that we missed Timişoara and Politehnica so much, we realized that a little help from Diaspora won’t hurt. Therefore, looking for each other in Europe and the other continents, it was amazing to find out that lots of guys living abroad, but being born in or around Banat County area (exceptions apply, as we do have card holders without any connection to Romania – we could proudly name here our friend, David Lang) are irremediable in their love for Timişoara, their City, and Politehnica, their Team.

As now, Druckeria 360, which has its “brother” over Atlantic, “Poli of America S.G.” counts on about 75 members organized under a Facebook profile called the same, Druckeria 360. Besides we have friends or fans, we are also proud to have that number of approximatelly 75 fellows who help the club by purchasing Gold Memberships Cards (approx. €120 a year) or Platinum (approx. €240 a year), with nothing expected as a return. Still, we can provide tax exempt certifications of donations in the United States and hope to be able to do the same this year in Germany.

One of our main goals is to make our voice heard more and more around the world in our attempt to become at least 100 card holders by December 4th 2021. Another goal is to find at least one European investor with possible businesses in Timişoara, interested in associating with the image and brand of the Club.