Today the white-violet put an end to the negative streak of six games in a row without a goal, five of them in the championship. Politehnica drew 2-2 (1-1) at Unirii Dej, one of the leaders of the League 2, in the 7th round. The hosts led on two occasions, but each time our team equalized, through headers from Marin Mudrazija and Silviu Pană!

Timisoara were not without bad luck in this game either. In the 3rd minute, Mudrazija first threatened the opponent’s goal with a shot from distance. Then, in Unirii’s first more serious action, Alexandru Militaru’s shot (min. 10) was deflected from outside the box somewhere near Kucich’s right bar for 1-0. Bîrnoi (24) replied with a shot under the crossbar, but Răilean pushed over the crossbar. From the resulting corner Pană crossed to the short corner, from where Mudrazija headed home unstoppably: 1-1.

In the second half, bad luck again played an important role ten minutes after the restart. Also after a deflected ball, referee Cristian Codrea pointed to the spot after a scramble for the ball between Germinio and an opponent. And Alexandru Pop (57) made it 2-1 with a shot to the goalkeeper’s right, with Kucich heading into the far corner. Again, however, the white-violet had an answer and gradually pushed the game into the opponent’s half. First the same Bîrnoi (71) shot but without any problems for Răilean. In the 79th minute, his shot from the edge of the box was rejected in front of the goal by the keeper, but Silviu Pană dived into the net and set the final score: 2-2!

After this result Politehnica accumulated five points and is currently 17th. The next game will be in about two weeks, after the “international break”, at home against Concodia Chiajna.

FC Unirea Dej (coach Dragoș Militaru): Răilean – Maftei, D. Pop, Burdeț, Ros – Al. Militaru (66, Fulga), Kereki (84, G. Buta), Ad. Pop (80, Greu) – Fl. Blaj (captain; 80, I. Frăsineanu), Al. Pop (84, B. Vlad), Cocian. On the bench: Cl. Chindriș – Vomir, Călugăr, An. Pop.

POLITEHNICA (coach Bogdan Andone): Kucich – D. Radu, Tsvetkov, Bocșan (captain), Germinio, Oanea (80, Taub) – Pană, Plantak (57, Milea), Pureca – Bîrnoi, Mudrazija (90+1, Bryneus). On the bench: Murariu – M. Andone, Jurj, Țangulea, Ignea, A. Mada.

“We really played a good game, a game we should have won. Dejul didn’t surprise us with anything, apart from two situations where they scored, they didn’t have any other chances. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the three points. It was a good match made by our team. In every match these kind of phases happen (n.r. deflected balls), I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to talk… We have to discuss and see what we have to do, because either it’s a corner, or it’s a set piece, like this penalty, after a deflection, and we gave them the chance to have 11 meters. I don’t know if morale has changed, we need to get our act together as soon as possible and get more points, because we’re sitting badly in the standings. The stages go by and we’re sinking worse and worse and then we can’t get out of there, because luck doesn’t work with us either. The players have to understand that they came here to Timisoara and it’s not just another club. They have to give their all on the pitch, because the supporters don’t accept half-measures”, said Ioan Mera, Politehnica’s sports director.

About the next period with a weekend break from official games, Ioan Mera said, “We are still trying to get a friendly, to see if we can find someone to play with, because League 3, as far as I know, there is no team left. We’ll see if we can play someone from League 2, if not, it’ll be a game between us. There will be some discussions probably next week with the players, because we have to do something, we have few points. A lot has been invested in the team… and we will discuss with each player individually.”

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