The Politehnica Timisoara football team will lose in the first leg of the first round of the promotion play-off to League II. CSC Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii won 2-0 (0-0).

In the first half, the guests dominated more. They had scoring chances in min. 5 (Buțu, blocked by Vlaicu at the edge of the box), 6 (Popovici shot, from distance, just wide), 31 (Trandu shot, Murariu concedes corner), 38 (shot just wide, great chance) and 44 (another great chance). Poli replied in the 26th minute (corner, no one reached the ball which went through the front of the net) and 43rd (Curescu blocked in extremis).

The opening goal came in the 53rd minute. The highly promising junior Buțu (born 26 September 2008!) took advantage of a big mistake by the Poliste defence, dribbled past Murariu and 1-0.

Poli looking for the equaliser. Bărbuț crosses, Pamfile volleys home from the left to the long corner (78). Curescu’s shot, the goalkeeper saves with difficulty, in the corner (79). Bărbuț’s free kick, from the left, Pamfile misses the rebound (82). Popovici (65, shot just wide) and Ad. D. Popa (85, shot over) prefaced the goal that would close the score. In the 87th minute, newcomer Jichici scores with a shot from outside the box. The last chances belonged to the hosts, through Rotariu (90+1, shot caught by the goalkeeper) and Curescu (90+3).

A first battle has been lost, but the war has just begun! The return leg, Saturday at 17:30 in Ghiroda.

Politehnica: Murariu – Haloș (86, Sfichi), Bocșan (c), Vlaicu (58, Bărbuț), R. Ciurel – Prună (68, Oprea), Pureca (68, I. L. Rotariu), Olariu – Curescu, D. Popa (86, Avrămescu), Pamfile. Also played: , , Reserves: Miklos – Istratie, Marincu, Adamcsik. Coach: Paul Codrea.

Costel Pantilimon, executive director of Politehnica Timișoara:
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