Metaloglobus Bucharest was founded in 1956, as a team of the factory of the same name, a factory that produced… bullets and toys. Since 2011 it has been playing in the 3rd League, having been awarded a vacant place after losing the promotion play-off to that level. And in the summer of 2017 it was promoted to the second league for the first time.

The group – one of the few not supported by public money, in this season of D2 – is patronized by Syrian Imad Kassas (who also patronizes the factory) and has as president Marius Burcă, member of the Executive Committee of the FRF.

The club has its own stadium, also called Metaloglobus, with a synthetic playing surface, based in the Pantelimon district of the capital. Metaloglobus also has a second team in the fourth league in Bucharest.

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