The Blue and Whites today ended their poor run in the league and also won their first home game of the season. Politehnica Timișoara won 2-0 against second-bottom Dacia Unirea Brăila in the 9th round of League 2 with goals scored by Cosmin Bîrnoi and Erik Gerbi.

With a lot of medical absences, but also players suspended for this round (Hațegan and Benzar), our team called on several juniors born in 2003 to complete the squad.

The score was opened at the end of the 21st minute of play, when Scutaru recovered the ball, passed the ball to Bîrnoi, who took the ball in front of the box and shot to the right of Duță. Five minutes later Scutaru came close to scoring himself, but his deflected header went wide of the target. The game was still quite fragmented, but not five minutes into the second half the Italian Gerbi recovered a ball and completed the individual action with a goal-bound cross to the left of the goalkeeper. There were no further problems at Murariu’s goal, instead, until the end, the same Gerbi (min. 58) and Doru Andrei (75) went close to increasing the difference on the scoreboard.

Politehnica accumulated ten points and are in 13th place in League 2. Our team’s next game will be in about two weeks, when Politehnica returns to Slobozia, this time for the 10th round championship match against Unirea. Next weekend there will be a break again in League 2 for national team games.

Politehnica Timisoara: Murariu – Sofran, Mera (captain), Scutaru, Oanea – R. Lazăr, Zaluschi – Bîrnoi, Ursu, D. Andrei – Gerbi (87, S. Costea). On the bench: Păduraru – Moțiu, Prodan, Al. Rus, Kuhn, D. Bot, Șchiopu. Coach: Antonio Foale.

Dacia Unirea Braila: Duță – Pătlăgică (72, Al. Duțu), D. Ciobanu, Stănciulescu, M. Șandru – Taciuc (58, Petrache), Fl. Lungu (captain, 72, N. Ioniță), G. Apostol (84, Voinescu), Cocîrlă – Stănescu – G. Răducan (58, PriboI). On the bench: Cr. Andrei – Moroianu, Paliu. Coach: Florentin Petre.

A big breath of oxygen, yes. It’s a result we deserved and after the way the game looked. With the chances we had, if the boys were a bit more concentrated it could have been a better result, but there each chooses his method and execution… There were no more difficult moments today. The boys were focused, they really wanted the win more. I congratulate them for showing their value, their desire to win“, Antonio Foale, Politehnica interim coach.

Photo: Leczki Jozsi

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