Our story – Druckeria 360 Politehnica Timişoara is one of the most beloved soccer clubs in Romania, being the main ambassador of Banat County in terms of history, innovation, community excellence and popularity. The centenary is the most important event of the year. We will celebrate it on December 4th of 2021 with a posible promotion in the top league in Romania, “Liga 1”, where we are fighting with equal chances in this last part of 2020-2021 championship edition of “Liga 2” (second Romanian tier).

Along these 100 years history, we went through a lot of happy and sad days, great promotions and tough relegations, huge games for the title or challenges in European competitions and dissapointing moments of bankrupcy or supporters split into different other adopted teams, moved in the city and called, temporarily, Poli in the latest years of our existence – as some local politicians wanted to play games with the legacy of such a name of glory. That was their business, while we continued to support the principles of the community, as a club: passion, honesty, liberty and respect for history. And this is the model we raise our juniors from the Youth Academy. Therefore, after the Romanian Anti-Comunism Revolution started in Timişoara on December of ’89, there were lots of moments of incertitude, ending in bankrupcy for a couple of times, the last one in 2011, when there was nothing left to be foreseen on the horizon. This way, the supporters had to decide if “quitting” following white-purple soccer in the city or… acting, somehow. …And they’ve got involved and sang their hearts for their own team. Everything happened in the summer of 2012, when we started a difficult climbing path: we founded (again) a great collaboration with the first institution who gave the name of Politehnica Timişoara Sports Society (aka S.S. Politehnica), decided to help on our own, besides the logostical support of the Institute of Polytechnics and restarted, freshly, from the bottom leagues.

So, we re-started from the pre-last, the 5th, as on the previous season (2011-2012) this team was the champion of the last Romanian tier, the 6th league. Nowadays, initiating the 9th year of fresh and uncorrupted new path, the white-purple supporters around the world who are actively involved in Club and Youth Academy destiny under a structure called Druckeria 360, decided to let everybody get informed in regards of who we are and what we do. Specifically, besides the supporters from North America (www.PoliofAmerica.us), the European “division” with supporters in U.K., Ireland, Germany, Spain, Czeck Republic and Cyprus celebrate this year the 6th Druckeria 360 anniversary. The project was initiated in England by 4 courrageous guys and it counts now on around 100 Politehnica Timişoara Membership Card Holders around the globe. A mention: the supporters in Germany are in the process of opening an NGO, which will serve for Politehnica Youth Academy development, guided “Druckeria” Supporters Association from Timişoara. One Team, One City: Politehnica Timişoara.