Politehnica has another difficult away game tomorrow in League 2. The white-violet play at the field of the revelation FC Unirea Dej, a group that is at the top of the hierarchy.

“It’s a difficult trip, we meet the first place team. But it’s a game we have to approach with fighting spirit and a desire to make up for the last few games and the last bad period in terms of results. It won’t be an easy match, but we have to arrive at game time ready and motivated. Because, I’ve said it so many times, no matter who takes the field, who coaches this team, or who runs this club, they have to give their maximum for the team, for Poli and get the most out of every game. That’s the most important thing, that at game time everyone is motivated, everyone is together and gives the maximum possible to try to make a positive result. It’s a difficult time for the team, for the players, for the club. But in these moments you need character, in these moments you can see the characters and maybe more than ever we need these characters to be seen in the game tomorrow,” said Bogdan Andone, head coach of Politehnica.

“We are trying to focus on our team as much as possible during this period, to have a good morale, even under the given conditions, and once again I appeal, or I wish, to have this fighting spirit, because it will be a fighting game tomorrow. The weather in Dej in the last few days, it rained continuously, and tomorrow at game time it will be somewhere between 14-15 degrees, hard ground. That’s why we need spirit, fight, we need attitude, and as we have just finished, we need a bit of luck. I am convinced that if we manage to score first we will have a very good chance of winning the game,” Andone added.

“I said, I consulted with the team captains, which system they feel best in, which system they trust, which system they perform best in, but unfortunately we are missing this president. I always gave the example of Danut Coman, who in very difficult situations at Astra and Hermannstadt did some extraordinary things. A president who is with the team, who knows exactly how to organize the structure of the club from a sporting point of view and in certain moments to come and talk to the team and be with the coach and the team. This is very important, unfortunately we still don’t have this position filled and it’s very important, when this decision is taken, to have a football man, a man who knows very well how to structure and run the club from a sporting point of view”, added the “principal” of the blue and white.

Asked if he proposed Danut Coman as president of the club, Bogdan Andone answered: “I didn’t propose him, I gave him an example, because we lived together during the Astra period, with financial problems that we know very well and he is a person who knew how to manage the relationship with the owner, the relationship with the coach and the relationship with the players and he knew how to achieve very good results even in the difficult conditions of that period. From my point of view, maybe he would be the ideal choice for the club.”

“It’s a difficult trip, we come after a very difficult period for us. We hope that tomorrow at game time we will be almost 100%, because 100% is hard to be physically. The important thing is not to find excuses – that because of this we didn’t manage to get a positive result for us. It was a tough defeat in the Cup, from my point of view it is very difficult for us. Because it was with a League 3 team, although they are a good League 3 team we were not allowed to lose there, plus the results we had behind us were bad. I hope tomorrow we can break the ice, we can win, we need the three points. I want that very much. We have to do everything possible to win, no matter what… The ground will probably be very difficult, we have to do everything we can to win,” said fullback Cristian Bocșan.

The match FC Unirea Dej – Politehnica Timisoara will be played tomorrow, 17 September, at 11.00 (untelevised game), in the 7th round of League 2. Ardeleni have 13 points and are tied with three other teams at the top of the table. The white-violet have only four points so far and are in 18th place.

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