Politehnica Timisoara football club is taking part in Thursday’s action, which aims to draw attention to the extremely delicate situation in which the city’s sports infrastructure has reached.

Under the slogan “Timișoara wants Respect / Stadium / Polyvalent”, many of the city’s clubs will be present, regardless of the sports branches in which they operate, and children, parents and coaches will be dressed in their equipment. Every child or athlete is urged to bring a ball or equipment from their sport and turn the central area of the city into a big multi-sports arena.

The meeting time is 17:00, in Unirii Square, and at 19:15 it will start on the route: Vasile Alecsandri Street – Libertății Square – Alba Iulia Street – Victoriei Square – City Hall – bd. Constantin Diaconovici Loga – Timis County Council.

The rally is organized by the Association of Timisoara Supporters Druckeria.

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