Sebastian Novović ended his contract with our club this week. We would like to thank “Mihalcea”, who since June 2020 has been the image director of Politehnica Timisoara, for his immeasurable contribution and involvement in the shaping of the white-violet project started ten years ago.

“Dear Friends,

As I informed the players involved in the Politehnica Timisoara project on Monday, my journey with the club is coming to an end. The sporting situation of the team is not at all the one we worked for and wanted. I am mostly to blame for the current situation and I assume it, formally presenting my resignation from the positions held within the club and the Timisoara Supporters’ Association Druckeria.

It has been a great ten years in which I have achieved a lot together with all the collaborators and supporters of the club. We have often set the tone in communication, image and sports marketing, being considered innovators and at a level far above the average of Romanian football in many respects. None of this would have been possible without the support of the volunteers and all the others who have lent a helping hand when needed, and I would like to thank you.

I hope that my decision will help to loosen the relations in the club’s management structure, and that all those who can and should do more for Poli – do it. Despite everything that has happened on the pitch in the games so far, I firmly believe that the value of the team is different, it just needs patience, trust and support for things to start working.

There have been a lot of changes on all levels, we come after an extremely difficult time in the life of the club – relegation last season, it takes time also to be able to rebuild a winning mentality and to be able to impose a philosophy. And these things can only be done with the full support of everyone, whether they are ardent supporters, financiers, sponsors or just plain supporters.

I remain forever a friend of Politehnica, I will continue to go to the South Lawn of Timișoara, the place that has been my second (and often first!) home for more than 20 years, together with my comrades. We’ll have a nice beer, we can always talk about Poli, I’ll continue to help the club with everything I can and I hope with all my heart that in all the storm clouds of the last few years there will be sunshine. Thank you!

Seba, Mihalcea, Novovic or whatever you want.”