Politehnica Timișoara football team defeated in the second leg of the first round of the promotion play-off to the 2nd League, 1-0 (1-0), at CSC Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii. However, the result was not enough to qualify for the final after the 2-0 defeat in the first leg.

The only goal of the match was scored by Bogdan Istratie with a low shot in the 39th minute. It was also the first goal for our team of the striker who started today. Poli could have levelled the scores in the 60th minute, but David Popa sent wide from the penalty spot. The penalty was awarded following a foul on Curescu.

Politehnica: Miklos – Haloș, Bocșan (captain), R. Ciurel, Pamfile (81, Vlaicu), Marincu (65, Bărbuț), I. L. Rotariu, Olariu, Curescu (87, Prună), Istratie, D. Popa. Reserves: Murariu – M. Oprea, Pureca, Adamcsik, Sfichi and Avrămescu. Coach: Paul Codrea.

“First of all we congratulate them, because it’s sport. We wish them good luck going forward, but honestly I think the better team was eliminated. And in the second leg, even if we didn’t play a great game, we had five or six scoring chances. Not today, no more. Unfortunately football is cruel sometimes, it’s unfair, but we have to accept it. It’s sport, we have to accept it. I can’t reproach the boys today, they were wonderful, I think I’ve never seen such dedication from them. Like in this game. The team has a future. We’ll see. Hopefully, we’ll stay together and move forward. It’s not easy to digest, but maybe this defeat will help us in the future… and before the penalty we had chances in the first half, and in the second. And in the goalkeeper, off the bar. That’s the thing, you need a bit of luck in sport. If you don’t have a bit of luck, we also see in Real Madrid, that they are dominated by the opponent and still manage to win. Moving forward, I thank the guys for this season, they’ve been great, great characters, they haven’t caused me any problems. They have been disciplined, good, nice characters. Unfortunately we end with a bitter victory, but at least we gave the supporters a win!”, Paul Codrea, head coach Politehnica Timișoara