The Polytechnic teams of the Youth League, U17 Elite League and U16 Elite League played away in the 5th round of the season. If the older juniors were defeated on the field of FC Argeș, Cristi Gălan’s pupils got a point in the Pitesti’s fief. In the under-16 category (photo) the white-violet team won categorically in Deva.

Youth League

The duel of the white-violet juniors in Curtea de Argeș ended today with the hosts’ 3-1 success. Our team’s goal was scored by Fabian Marincu, in the second half, at the score of 2-0 for FC Argeș Champions. Following this defeat, the under-18s remain with nine points from five games and are ranked 4th in the Western Series.


He scored for Politehnica: F. Marincu

Politehnica U18 (coach Cristian Petcu): Urdeș – An. Manea, Bălănescu, A. Mada (captain), M. Oprea, F. Marincu, Avramescu, R. Țurcaș, P. Paleacu, E. Adam, Boariu. Also entered: Pureca and Pușkaș.

The next round, the 6th, also schedules an away duel for our youngsters, on Saturday, 24 September, from 12.00, at Unirea (Floresti) against Universitatea Cluj.

U17 Elite League

Our young U17s drew away to one of the strong teams of the series, also today. Poli U17 even led 1-0 away to FC Argeș through David Rosca’s goal. The hosts, higher up the table, equalised in the second half. The white-violets now have seven points in Serie Vest after this first draw of the season and are ranked 6th.


He scored for Politehnica: D. Roșca

Politehnica U17 (coach Cristian Gălan): Traia – K. Antal, D. Roșca, Tătaru, A. Vlaicu, Erceanu, Avramescu, Vladu, T. Hus, Ed. Tudor, Macovei. The following players also came on: Chelariu, Semenciuc, Imbroane, Leoveanu and M. Lazăr.

In the next round, the 6th, on Saturday, September 24, at 14.00, Cristi Gălan’s students play away against Universitatea Cluj (at Florești).

U16 Elite League

After 8-0 against LPS Banatul, the U16s also won yesterday in the fief of CSM Deva (7-0). After this success Politehnica U16 has accumulated nine points and is 5th in the 4th Series.


They scored: An. Mircea, Goia, B. Bratu, Radu, L. Chiș, Cercel and Ozdemir

Politehnica U16 (coach Paul Codrea): Păsule – R. Laza, A. Radu, B. Bratu, Goia, M. Lazăr, Fazekaș, Kulcsar, D. Bogdan, An. Mircea, L. Chiș. The following players were also present: Novac – Bologa, Ozdemir, Dîrlea and Cercel.

In the next round, the VI, on Sunday, September 24, at 12.00, the white-violet team will play against CS Academia Partium. On this occasion Paul Codrea’s pupils return to the Politehnica’s Base 2 for the home games this autumn.

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