Dacia Unirea Braila was founded 102 years ago, on March 15, 1919. On the occasion of the centenary, a book about the history of the group was launched, “Dacia Unirea Brăila – a century at the court of the king sport (1919-2019)”, author Cristian Constantin.

Despite its age, it played in the first league for only a few seasons, during the inter-war period and then between 1990-1994. It was also called, among others, DUIG, FC, CSM, Progresul, Laminorul, Constructorul, FCM Progresul and CF (until 2015, when it reverted to its historical, current name).

In 1993 they played a famous Romanian Cup final against Universitatea Craiova (score 0-2), and in 1992/93 they were semi-finalists in the Balkan Cup. The star of the team in those years was the giant stoper Bratianu II.

The team was insolvent, re-promoted to D2 this summer and is coached by former Dinamov international Florentin Petre.

Article written by Ictavian Stăncioiu, club spokesman.

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