Politehnica Timisoara also lost the second leg of the play-off for the League 2 play-off. Hosts FC Brasov won 1-0 and secured their place in the second tier after winning the first leg 2-1.

The game under the Tâmpa started with an opportunity for the hosts. V. Constantin had a dangerous shot not two minutes into the game, but his shot went around the right post of Păduraru. Two minutes later Ursu replied with a similar shot, then six minutes later he also shot, but further wide of the target.

The game then lacked tremendous pace until after half time. The biggest chance of the first half came from Angelov (39), but he sent wide from inside the box, easily from an angle.

The first major chance of the second half also belonged to Brasov, who came close to scoring through Negrean, but Păduraru blocked his rebound from 12 yards. The hosts scored the only goal of the game in the 72nd minute through Angelov, following a defensive error. The white-violet attack was left waiting. Only in the 85th minute Ursu sent another shot, but still inaccurate, over the crossbar this time.

The overall score of the play-off was 3-1 for the team from Brasov.

FC Brasov: L. Popescu – Burlacu, Fustar, Gherghe – Dragoi, V. Constantin (83, H. Popa), Piper (73, Leonte), Dumbravă (captain) – Lambrinoc (73, Iorga), Angelov (89, B. Rosu), Negrean (83, Lascu). On the bench: D. Mutu – V. Mihalcea, Toderașcu, Ad. Voicu. Coach: Călin Moldovan.

POLITEHNICA: Păduraru – D. Radu (69, Sofran), Mera (captain), Bocșan, Pamfile (85, Oanea) – Bîrnoi (85, Iamandache), Ignea, Lazăr, D. Andrei – Gerbi (77, Sîntean), Ursu. On the bench: Murariu – Plumbuitu, Bakos, Huminic, Rogosic. Coach: Antonio Foale.

“What can you say when you get into this situation. That was to be. We regroup and start again… it means that’s the best we could do. What could I have done in three days? The guys were fine, mounted up. Nobody wants to get demoted. That’s all we could do, maybe I didn’t have any inspiration in today’s match”, said Antonio Foale, Politehnica’s interim head coach.

Asked about the team’s chances of remaining in League 2, Toni Foale replied, “I can’t say. I’m sorry, because I’m part of this club and we’ve been relegated, but you have to know that Poli has always come back and moved on. Especially for them (the supporters)”.

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