For the 12th year in a row, the Christmas Action of the Timisoara Supporters’ Association “Druckeria” brought gifts and smiles, but above all, a little more hope to less fortunate families in the west of the country. In 2021 the blue and white Santa was even more generous, as he had many “elves” of his own as well as “imported” ones. In these conditions we were able to support about 135 families and about 275 children from Banat.

No less than ten localities in Timis county, as well as in Caras-Severin, were voluntarily visited by druckers, whole groups of the Politehnica Academy, from the youngest to the oldest, together with their coaches, representatives of Politehnica Femina – led by captain Teo Meluță, but also senior white-violet Cristi Scutaru and Rareș Murariu, who were joined by international Costel Pantilimon. While the first two days of the action (18-19 December) were dedicated to collecting donations, shopping, storing, wrapping and generally preparing gifts. After a lot of hard work, on 20 December, thanks to some wonderful partners, the gifts were handed out, consisting of food, sweets, toys, clothes and other items. On the first day, Birda commune and the neighbouring village of Sângeorge were visited. Greeted with smiles, despite the daily hardships, the “purple elves” already felt that all the effort of these days was worth it. Day 2 was dedicated to Voiteg, another location that touched us. And on day 3 Tomnatic impressed us just as much. Day 4 was supposed to be the last of this year’s Christmas Action. We were again Santa Claus for our friends from the village of Măureni and the nearby village – Șoșdea. Also on the other side of the border between the counties of Banat, we reached the commune of Tormac and the villages of Șipeț and Cadăr. And, because the bag was not empty, today, 24 December, on Christmas Eve, a few families from the village of Jdioara in Timișoara were added to our list.

It was a successful action, but I was convinced it would be, because the Poli family is great and always willing to help. It proved that once again and I want to thank them all for their donations, involvement and help, I’m sure we made so many souls happy again this year. Thanks to Brian (n.r. Brian Filimon, former Politehnica player, current mayor of Măureni), to the priests of Birda and Voiteg, as well as to the social workers from Tomnatic and Tormac, for their help, thanks to the sponsors and much respect to the Druckeria volunteers, I bow to you, Santa Claus the white-violet exists through you“, Adrian Serețan, AST Druckeria secretary.

We cannot end without thanking all those who contributed to the success of the 2021 Christmas Action: AST Druckeria, Peluza Sud Timișoara, Academia Politehnica Timișoara, Politehnica Femina, DialogData, Mewi, Autonom, SC Mi Tam Air Conditioners SRL, SCM OHMA Timișoara and all the policemen and big-hearted people who donated!

More photos from the 2021 Christmas Action can be found on Druckeria’s Facebook page.

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