Politehnica Timisoara lost the first game of the double play-off for the League 2 play-off. FC Brasov won 2-1 today at the “Știința” arena, after our team opened the scoring early through Doru Andrei.

Andrei scored in the 6th minute from a well-executed free-kick and things looked to be going in the white-violet’s favour. What’s more, it could have been 2-0 from the 17th minute when Bocșan’s grounded header sent the ball bouncing just over the crossbar. From the 25th minute, the white-violet had to make a change with the injury to Oanea.

The second half started very badly instead. In the 53rd minute Negrean equalised with a heel shot from in front of goal. Poli came back with important chances at Popescu’s goal. In the 58th minute Gerbi headed just over the target, then Ursu (62) got a ball to the far corner, but the rebound from the first was again over the goal. And from the 67th minute it was 1-2, after Piper sent in a placed shot to the left of Păduraru from the edge of the box. At the end our team attacked with balls thrown directly into the opponent’s box and the same Erik Gerbi went close to equalizing on two occasions. In the 83rd minute, he hit the crossbar with a header and in the last moments of the game he volleyed from inside the box, but over the goal.

The return leg is scheduled in a week’s time, on Saturday 21 May at the Tineretului stadium in Brasov.

POLITEHNICA: Păduraru – D. Radu, Mera (captain), Bocșan, Oanea (25, Pamfile) – Bîrnoi, Lazăr (46, Gerbi), Ignea, D. Andrei (78, Vukoje) – Iamandache (64, Bakos), Ursu. On the bench: Murariu, Devenish-Meares – Plumbuitu, Huminic and Rogosic. Coach: Nicolae Croitoru.

FC Brasov: L. Popescu – Gherghe, Fustar, Burlacu – Dragoi, Piper (90+2, H. Popa), V. Constantin (90+2. Leonte), Dumbravă (captain) – Lambrinoc (66, Iorga), Angelov (85, B. Rosu), Negrean (66, Lascu). On the bench: Mutu – El Azzouzi, Toderașcu and V. Mihalcea. Coach: Călin Moldovan.

“There’s not much more to say, but we shouldn’t have ended up in this situation. It’s already a replay. We started the game well, we made it 1-0, we had a chance to make it 2-0, then after the break everything broke down. We conceded two goals, quite easily I would say, and although we were warned, they have players who cross very well, they have quality strikers, if in the first half we managed to block these things, in the second half we didn’t and everything fell apart. We lost our lucidity, we were chaotic in everything we did”, said Nicolae Croitoru, Politehnica’s head coach.

“We were motivated, even at half-time we were discussing, that we are on schedule, we have to stay as motivated, we will have to look for situations to score a second goal, but, something happens every time. Of course, maybe there were injuries, which today came one after the other, the changes we made, we made only because of injuries, forced by the situation on the field, but there is no excuse, we are not allowed to have any excuse… It’s hard to believe that you can have four changes because of injuries…”, said the coach.

In addition to the known absences, our team did not count on Andrei Sîntean today, who also suffered a medical problem.

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