The white-violets played today on the field of Covaci a verification game against the leader of the 8th Series of League 3, CSC Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii. Politehnica led 1-0, but the game ended with the victory of the yellow-and-whites, score 1-3.

Taking advantage of the break from league matches, the two teams met at the “Fortuna” arena. Our team couldn’t count on several injured players or players who had been sidelined for medical reasons (Serediuc, Pamfile, Ignea, Scutaru, Bocșan). On the other hand, Denis Radu returned to the field and Răzvan Prodan made his debut, both playing in the second half. It should be noted that Ghiroda has no less than three players on loan from Politehnica: Coroiu, Ehling and Velcan.

The score was opened in the 31st minute by Octavian Ursu, with a shot under the bar from inside the box, slightly sideways, after a pass from Zaluschi. The Albiceleste controlled most of the first half, but the Girozans managed to equalise after a ball was deflected into the box to the youngster Grancea (42nd minute), who scored with a shot to the left of Păduraru.

In the second half Bîrnoi could have made it 2-1 (48), but it was the yellow-clad side who scored through Mancaș (53), heading in from a corner. The C8 leader played better amid the changes and scored through newcomer Răzvan Trandu (80). The experienced midfielder made it 3-1 for Ghiroda with a shot from an angle to set the final score.

For Politehnica the important away championship match against Unirea Slobozia is next. The game is scheduled for Saturday, 16 October, at 11.00.

Politehnica: Murariu (30, Păduraru; 60, Harrison) – Sofran (64, D. Radu), Mera (70, Prodan), Moțiu, Oanea – Zaluschi, Lazăr – Bîrnoi, Ursu (66, Hațegan), Benzar (46, S. Costea) – Gerbi. Assistant coach: Lucian Dobre.

Ghiroda: Miklos – Sporin, Hecsko, Stupu, Coroiu – Mancaș, Precup, Jichici, Românu – Grancea – Bădăuță. Also entered: Golban, Ciocan – Cochințu, Rosuș, Hissen, Scafaru, Trandu, Iseini, Paunchici, Ehling, Velcan. Coach: Răzvan Leucă.

Lucian Dobre: “We wanted to make an analysis of each player”

This week Lucian Dobre, the new assistant coach of Politehnica, led the training sessions of the white-violet team, while the head coach Nicolae Croitoru is currently in the staff of the national U19 team, which will play tomorrow a friendly game against Cyprus. In the first match, on Thursday, Romania won 2-0 and our player Doru Andrei was used in the second half.

“It was a good training session for us. Mr. Professor will come, he will make an analysis. We wanted to make an analysis of each player, an evaluation. And then Mr Croitoru decides what to do next. First of all we wanted to see if they were physically ready. It seems that there were no physical problems. And secondly, we looked at the offensive organisation, the defensive organisation. Where of course we noticed that there was a lot of work to be done. But the first thing was the evaluation of the players in general.

I think we got into their game, but in terms of attitude and desire, really the second half left something to be desired. But I’m sure this will change, especially in the first game, against Slobozia, where we honestly really need to win. The whole programme was made by Mr Croitoru, we worked together. I think everything will be in order. Today we lost, but what I saw in the first half pleased me“, said Lucian Dobre after today’s game.

Lucian Dobre was born on 25 September 1978 in Reșița. As a player he played for CSMR, Astra, Petrolul, U Craiova, Zimbru Chisinau, Tavria Simferopol, Dacia Chisinau and Farul Constanta. He was head coach at FC Școlar, Progresul Ezeriș and ACS Mundo Reșița, the club he founded on Bârzava. He holds a UEFA A licence.

I told the boys, for me personally it’s an honour to be in the dressing room with them. I’ve played a lot myself and I know what it’s like when someone new comes in, until they adapt… but the boys are great and I’m sure they will understand what we want from them. I’m sure we’ll do a good job together“, said Lucian Dobre about the new job. Asked if it was hard to convince him to come to Politehnica, the coach replied, “It wasn’t too hard. Because I am passionate, I love what I do. Passion always comes before money. I chose once in my life for money and I was wrong, I decided to change that!“.

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