Our club has again this year obtained public funding for a project aimed primarily at the youth sector. “Politehnica, a pillar in youth and community sport” also aims to support the reintegration of people with disabilities through sport and also has a financial education strand.

Politehnica has attracted public funding of 120,000 lei for this project through the “City on the Move” grant programme of the Timisoara Project Centre. The total value of the project is 150,000 lei, of which 30,000 lei is the amount allocated from own sources.

Our project aims to provide the athletes affiliated to Politehnica Timisoara with the best conditions for training and official games, as well as to strengthen the position of our club as an active member of the community we are part of. We want that through the correct implementation of the project we ensure the correct representation of the club’s values, the loyalty and education of the Timisoara community of sports lovers and the necessary materials for sports performance at youth level, at the highest level.

Through the actions that we want to implement we will take concrete steps in providing the necessary material base for young performance athletes registered in the club, but also towards the reintegration of people with disabilities through sport. Continuous and constant education in sport-related fields, and not only, is one of the priorities of our club. That is why we aim to provide our young athletes with the necessary basis to know how to manage their personal finances, disciplining them financially and making them aware of the value and importance of money and the correct management of personal budgets.

The project will run from 25 May to 1 November 2022 and includes the following concrete activities: Day of Action – Politehnica together with the beneficiaries of “Pentru Voi!” Foundation; Purchase of sports equipment for juniors affiliated to Politehnica Timisoara Academy; Flag Day – a traditional event for Timisoara supporters; Watch your Money! Series of educational videos on personal budget management.

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