Politehnica Timisoara was defeated away by CSM Politehnica Iasi, 1-3 (1-1) in the 7th (last) round of the League 2 play-out. Cosmin Bîrnoi opened the scoring in the 32nd minute. The hosts got back on the scoreboard before half-time and won after two penalty kicks in the 84th and 90+4th minutes!

With several absentees in the squad, the white-violet team relied today from the first minute in defence on the young Cosmin Huminic (born 2004) from their own academy, who also made his official senior debut on this occasion.

The match at the “Emil Alexandrescu” arena was played in good weather and with a good rhythm, but without important chances in the first minutes. Ursu (14th minute) threatened the hosts’ goal first, but his free-kick shot was over the goal. The hosts, who had the ball longer, replied through Plokhotniuk (29) with an inaccurate shot from outside the box.

The scoreline was first changed in the 32nd minute when Cosmin Bîrnoi beat Axinte with a shot from an angle. Then Ursu (36) wasted the chance to make it 2-0, shooting from the penalty area in the direction of the goalkeeper. Poli Iasi equalised in the 39th minute, when Sekou Camara scored with a header, as in the regular season against us, but this time with a dive from Kouadio’s cross. The first half ended with D. Andrei (45+1) sending a good shot narrowly wide of the post.

The first notable play in the second half featured the same Kamara (52), but this time his header was inaccurate. Then, two minutes later, Andrei shot well from a run but just over the crossbar. Only for Ursu to immediately head wide from eight yards. After an hour of play the pace slowed down again amid the changes.

But the end brought enough events. In the 81st minute, Bocșan was first to a high cross into the box, goalkeeper Axinte hit him on the head with his arms, but referee Sergiu Mavriche awarded only “six yards”. Just two minutes later Radu committed a foul in the box and a penalty was awarded. Sekou Camara (84) scored for 2-1 from the spot with a shot to Murariu’s right. In the 90+4th minute Sekou Camara broke free towards goal and won another penalty, duelling with Murariu in the box. And Tiberiu Serediuc converted the spot-kick to set the final score: 3-1.

Politehnica finished the play-out in 5th place in Group A with 28 points. For the white-violet team the play-off double against FC Brasov, the 5th place in group B of the play-out, is next.

CSM Politehnica Iasi: Axinte – Kouadio, Cană, Chatziterzoglou (62, Aftanache), Ad. Ilie (80, T. Serediuc) – F. Cristea (captain), Chiorean (66, J. Kamara) – S. Pop (62, Ungurenașu), Plokhotniuk (46, Mărieș), Asăvoaie – Camara. On the bench: Brânză – Fl. Plămadă, Al. Hrib, Pelivan. Coach: Costel Enache.

There were two penalties that set the final score and even two penalties that came out of nowhere. From phases that should normally pose no danger. I think a draw would perhaps have been fairer because it was a balanced game. Maybe if we managed to score at the beginning of the second half, when we had an important situation through Ursu, maybe the game would have been different“, said Nicolae Croitoru, head coach of Politehnica Timisoara.

Of course, that’s what I said before the game and that’s what I tried to do (n.r. get the win). Because even in the second half, even if we didn’t have a lot of goals, we tried to push the game as much as possible towards the opponent’s goal“, added the white-violet coach.

About Cosmin Huminic’s debut and Cristian Scutaru’s absence from the centre of defence, Nicu Croitoru said: “Huminic – a successful debut, I would say, he played a good game, I am happy for him. Scutaru had some problems at the beginning of the week and we decided not to include him in the squad for this game“.

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