The players who have delighted Banat and beyond will meet on Friday, May 20, at the “Știința” arena in Timisoara, on the occasion of the Politehnica Centenary Old Boys tournament. Among the stars of the white-violet, who will participate with two teams, are Ovidiu Cuc, Titi Varga and Iosif Rotariu. Our guests and opponents are the Belgrade National Team and the Caransebes National Team.

Politehnica will also rely on names such as Călin Frunză, Petru Țurcaș, Cristi Gălan, Mirel Albon (manager of Politehnica Femina), Alin Paleacu, Sorin Brîndescu, Paul Codrea, Cristi Dancia, Sorin Gheju or Alin Crișanov and will be coordinated from the sidelines by Octavian Roșca. Initially Octavian Popescu was also called up, but he is unavailable due to a recent injury.

The “stars” of Caransebeș are not missing either, led by its organizer – Dan Avram (former player including CFR Timisoara), Liviu Arnăutu, Daniel Bona, Ioan “Bebe” Feneș or Florin Ardelean.

The guests from across the border will be joined by former footballers such as Boško Janković, Miloš Bajalica, Đorđe Vlajić, Zoran Urumov, Nenad Mirosavljević, Marko Ketić and Džikić Vidojević, while the organiser of the team from the Serbian capital is Dan Gligorovici.

The games will begin on Friday, May 20, at 5 p.m. in order:

Poly II – Sel. Caransebeș

Poli I – Sel. Caransebeș

Poli I – Sel. Belgrade

Poli II – Sel. Belgrade

Sel. Belgrade – Sel. Caransebeș (two games)

Each game will last 30 minutes and the refereeing brigade is provided by the former great Timisoara referee Nicolae Grigorescu (president of CJA Timis). If the logistics are provided by Politehnica Timisoara University, the “extra” half is in charge of the sponsor Nelu Flonta. The show is guaranteed and entry is free!

Friday’s tournament is part of a series of “old boys” events dedicated to the celebration of Polytechnic’s Centenary that will take place throughout this anniversary year.

Last year, in September, our club organized the Politehnica Centenar youth tournament in Timisoara, in which no less than 86 teams participated.

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