Politehnica Timisoara plays on Saturday, May 21, the last official match of the season. The white-violet team plays at the “Tineretului” stadium against FC Brasov, the second leg of the play-off to avoid relegation from League 2. The white-violets have no other thought than winning to ensure the team’s sporting stay in the second division.

“I can tell you that we are going there to win. In any form, but we want to win. We have a debt and it has to be paid! With the help of the boys of course, because they are the artists. We’re going to do our best to win in 90 minutes. To manage, (there are) few days, what could we do, we move on… We try to work a little on their psyche. Let’s do our job in the weekly cycle we set out for ourselves and hope it pays off!” said Antonio Foale, interim head coach of Politehnica.

The previous official game in which Toni Foale was at the head of the technical bench of our team is the victory against Dacia Unirea Braila in the regular season, scoring 2-0, at the “Dan Paltinisanu” arena. Asked if this is the most difficult moment of his interim period, the technician answered: “It’s also the situation we are in, it’s a more difficult situation, we have never encountered this situation before. I hope that together we can get through this difficult moment and save ourselves on our own. That’s the most important thing! It doesn’t matter what the league or the federation does, who is with the points… we want it and we will prove it!”.

“And the past few weeks I’ve had a good feel for them, from the position I’ve been in (n.r. that of assistant coach). Now, in these two days or so, I feel like this, a calm, a concentration from the players and that makes me happy, because they don’t feel the same. They responded well to the training sessions we had and to the effort and the organization and everything!”, said Toni Foale about the training of the white-violet.

Politehnica will be without the services of Scutaru (suspended by the club), Oanea, Vukoje and Zaluschi (injured).

“We will definitely play to win after the result of the first game, we have to play to our full potential. It’s the least we can do, to save this club from relegation (…) We are certainly not happy with this situation. I understand the supporters’ anger, their reaction is justified. I don’t think we haven’t given our maximum, but there are times when you don’t get your game right and things don’t come together… I feel that in the last few weeks we’ve been training well, it’s only because of this situation, where we’re quite low in morale, that things don’t come together. In the Brasov game they had three shots on goal, of which they gave away two goals. We had six or seven chances and the ball didn’t go in the goal as many times as it should have… I still can’t think what will happen in the summer. The first objective is to save the team from relegation and then I will think about it, I will not have a contract anymore,” Erik Gerbi also said. The Italian striker is the scorer of the only goal in the match played by our team in Brasov in the regular season.

The match FC Brasov – Politehnica Timisoara will be played on Saturday, May 21, at 12:30. The game will be broadcast on Digi Sport 1, Prima Sport 1 and Orange Sport 1. In the first leg, Poles won 2-1 at the “Știința” arena.

Photo – Antonio Foale (interim head coach), Erik Gerbi and Cătălin Stănilă (Politehnica’s physical trainer, who translated the striker’s statements from Italian into Romanian)

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