Politehnica Timisoara met today to tackle the second part of the 2021-22 season. Thirty-three players showed up at the “Dan Paltinisanu” stadium dressing rooms.

Given the weather conditions, the first training session of the new year was held at Politehnica’s Base 2. The training was attended by both the players who were in the white-violet squad at the end of last year and a number of players who are in training with our team, especially young players.

Today we start training for the new year, it’s a very important season for our team, because there are nine games – nine very difficult games, and the situation in the standings forces us to treat this period very carefully. In terms of number there are enough friendlies, we would have liked to have opponents from the higher leagues – League 2 and League 1. In the case of the first division things are more difficult because League 1 starts the season quite early. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to play any training games with the League 2 teams, but we’ll see what happens. Neither with Ripensia nor with Viitorul Pandurii, there have been other discussions with other teams, the schedule is different and we have not been able to agree“, said Nicolae Croitoru, Politehnica’s head coach.

Politehnica’s winter schedule can be found HERE.

There will be new additions to the squad, which we will announce at the end of the week. Basically we will finalize the squad with which we will start the training camp next week (…) Numerically we are many this week, but from next week we will not be as many, we will enter the training camp with 24 players (…) There will be departures, we will also announce at the end of the week the players who will no longer be part of the squad“, added Nicolae Croitoru.

We hope to have a very good preparation, to be healthy and to have much better results than last autumn and not to have relegation fears. I hope to be healthy, to have the whole lot at our disposal and to do as much as possible in these three remaining stages (of the regular season). From what I’ve seen, this week the pitches will be mostly icy, from next week the weather is getting a bit better. This year’s winter has been milder than in other years… The most important thing is not to get injured. It’s very hard to catch opponents in winter, most teams leave… to other countries and we don’t have many League I teams around us, apart from UTA… We hope players will come and help us, that’s the most important“, said midfielder Alin Ignea.

The squad present at the meeting: George Păduraru, Harrison Devenish-Meares, Rareș Murariu, Mario Cuzmanovici (goalkeepers); Nicolae Sofran, Tudor Moțiu, Ioan Mera, Cristian Scutaru, Cristian Bocșan, Răzvan Prodan, Cosmin Huminic, Claudiu Pamfile, Cătălin Oanea, Alin Ignea, Rareș Lazăr, Adrian Zaluschi, Ervin Bakoș, Doru Andrei, Răzvan Erceanu (n. 2006), Denis Radu, Cosmin Bîrnoi, Octavian Ursu, Erik Gerbi, Roberto Hațegan, Samuel Costea, Vlad Bâte, Daniel Olariu, Alexandru Iamandache (Pucioasa, b. 1999), Balša Rogošić (FK Zeta – Montenegro, b. 1996), Gabriel Plumbuitu (Metaloglobus, b. 2004), Alexandru Gașpar (loaned to Periam, b. 2003), Emanuel Gheorghiță (Câmpulung, b. 2003) and Luigi Marius Pop (Sportul Șimleu, b. 2003) (field players).

Absent: Robert Popeț, Sebastian Serediuc (medical reasons) and Daniel Benzar (suspended by the club). Tomorrow the English-Serbian Stefan Vukoje (ex-Brighton, b. 2001) is expected to join the preparations.

Photo: Sebastian Tataru

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